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Honorable Gregory Sleet




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Honorable Gregory Sleet

Native New Yorker.
Graduated from Hampton University 1973 (then Hampton Inst.) 
Rutgers-Camden Law School 1976.
Varied legal career beginning as an assistant public defender, in Philadelphia, PA

  • 1st African American United States Atty. for DE.
  • 1st African American Federal Judge, DE. Divorced. Beautiful son and daughter (son gone much too soon)!

My first event was chaired by Jim Gilliam Jr. The event was called a Celebration Dinner.  The following year the event was chaired by Joshua W. Martin III.
I was shotgun for that Celebration Dinner.
I suggested we rename the event Ebony Tie Affair and introduce a rising chair protocol.

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James Bonds

Wali W. Rushdan, II, ESQ.

Honorable Gregory Sleet

Rourke Moore

Terrance Bowman

Calvin Christopher

Kenneth D. Briscoe, Jr.

Daryl Parson, Esquire.

Leroy A. Tice, Esquire, P.A.

Bill Allen, MBA

Dr. Vince Daniels

Rick Deadwyler



6:30pm – 8:30pm

8:30PM – 11:00PM

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